About Us

Family Owned and ran by the Burt Family

Family owned and run by 5 of their children. Parents Merlin and Joann Burt, sons Kyle and Kern, daughters Kristie and Keri Jo and grandson Matt Burt. Butchering has been in the family for many generations and kept going on! When it first started back in the 1940s with Merlin he started with his father going from farm to farm with truck and trailer and all business was done at the farms. As he grew older he went to the Lewiston Locker and worked there for approximately 6 years. He also farmed and raised his own pigs and cattle. As years went by his children started learning the meat process of killing to finish product and learned all the different cuts from working with their dad. As they grew older and were on their own they each held different jobs, but when the opportunity came to purchase a meat locker in Eyota, MN we decided to go ahead and keep the meat business going since they grew up with it.

We purchased it in November 2001, had a few bad years building the business but now it is thriving! Kerm, our 3rd son is in charge of the slaughter department and Kyle, our youngest son, is in charge of managing the front from cutting up the animals to sausage making to cure and smoke hams, bacon and working with the customers.

About our Staff

Kristie is our HACCP Coordinator who put all the federal regulations together and also works on the floor in packaging, boning and keep the paperwork straight and up to date. Keri is our youngest child and she’s in charge of wrapping and stuffing burger, slicing bacon and waiting on customers. Matt Burt, our grandson, is works on cutting, boning and packaging. We also hired 4 people other than family members. Joann has the job of working in the office with the help of a part time bookkeeper. She also takes cutting orders, waits on the customers and runs errands for the business. She also operates the KB Poultry Production Plant in Utica with the help of Kristie the manager, Keri, her two daughters and sometimes the sons come in to help if needed. Along with our regular butchering we have added a hog scalder to our business capable of handling pigs from 80lb to 400lb


114 S. Center in Eyota, Minnesota
M-F 7-5